November 7, 2023


Agenda 20231107.docx

Parking at 442 and 446 Charles Bancroft Hwy.

Medina-Bouchard-Hannon Expedited Site Plan - Jay Minkarah Staff Review 11-3-23.pdf
Mel's LPB 11.1.2023 re 442 & 446 CBH.pdf

Fire and Police Comment

Police Dept. Comments.pdf
Scanned from a Xerox Multifunction Printer (12).pdf
Plans for parking at 442 and 446 CBH.pdf
aerial view of 446 CBH.pdf

Morrill St. Extension

Pearson St @ Morrill St Litchfield.pdf

Abutter Comments

Abutter comment T.Sisson.pdf
Abutter Comment 11-02 Pearson-Morrill St..pdf
Abutter Comments Pearson-Morrill St..pdf
10-02-2023 initial plan review report.pdf
Fire Dept Comments.pdf
Morrill St Ext. Sub Plan -Jay Minkarah Staff Review 9-25-23.pdf
2023-9-12 PLAN SET.pdf

October 17 minutes