April 16, 2024


2211301-ZBA Exhibit 1 (1).pdf

I-Roof 273 Derry Road

I-Roof Narrative.pdf
iRoof COU Lobster Boat Site Plan -Jay Minkarah Staff Review 3-04-24 (2).pdf

Proscapes 65 Charles Bancroft Hwy

65 CBH site plan.pdf
ProScapes Expedited Site Plan -Jay Minkarah Staff Review 4-16-24.pdf
Proscapes Narrative.pdf

Litchfield Estates Mobile Home ParkĀ  Update on approval of 2/21/2023


Stormwater Rules and Regulations

04.02.2024 Appendix D Stormwater Management and Erosion Control Regulations, Final Draft.docx

January 2, 2024 minutes (revised)

LPB20240102 (3).pdf

April 2, 2024 Minutes to Approve